Reusabel Candle Holder from ATMOSVU Green News UK

Reusabel Candle Holder from ATMOSVU Green News UK

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ATMOSVU Reusable Candle Holder and Refill Candles in Biodegradable Containers.

The company’s vision is to create luxurious atmospheres with vegan full-bodied unisex scents and modern minimalist reusable design.

DOVER, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2022 / -- Global candle company, ATMOSVU INC., is pleased to announce it has designed an innovative Reusable Candle System that is disrupting the billion-dollar candle industry by solving two major issues - single-use candle containers and wax waste.

ATMOSVU's Reusable Candle System consists of two parts: a washable insert and an exterior holder. This system is used with identically shaped refill candles, which are shipped in biodegradable containers, and includes safety features to help protect the user and furniture from burns. Additionally, it also stabilizes the candle's wick-tabs to allow all of the wax to burn to the bottom of the container safely, without fear of it breaking.

ATMOSVU's luxury scented candles are vegan, unisex, full-bodied, cruelty-free, and are created with a three ultra-thin wick design to increase the size of the melt pool, maximize scent throw, and reduce soot and smoke. To further reduce environmental impacts, ATMOSVU does not use colorants.

ATMOSVU’s Reusable Candle System unveils a number of key differences to its competitors, including:

• Smells like luxury, but reused like dirty dishes
• Reducing single-use candle container usage
• Built-in safety features and eliminates wax waste
• Affordable luxury scented candle subscriptions
• Eco-friendly refill candles in biodegradable sleeves
• Innovative system that is disrupting the billion dollar candle industry with a more sustainable solution

“The vision I have for ATMOSVU is to create a more sustainable candle company by making a serious impact on reducing single-use candle container usage, as well as bringing awareness of the unnecessary use of colorants,” says Cosondra Sjostrom, Founder of ATMOSVU. “Both of these out-dated practices are environmentally damaging and a waste of resources, and we want to provide luxury scented candles in an eco-friendlier way - and this is the start of what we aim to build."

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ATMOSVU was founded to reduce single-use candle container waste through a patent-pending system that allows for less wasteful candle usage and production processes. The company’s vision is to create luxurious atmospheres with curated scents and modern minimalist design. At its core, ATMOSVU sees candle-making as an art form and believes that the relationship between sense of smell and associated memories are unique to humans. With ATMOSVU, every day is a chance to build more unforgettable and beautiful moments.