Cosondra, ATMOSVU's Founder

"Hi! I am Cosondra Sjostrom. I am a long-time entrepreneur, environmentalist, and vegan. Creating a better, more sustainable candle company and developing a product that reduces waste in the world is a dream come true for me!"

How it started...

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I'd founded a successful corporate catering company. I started it from the ground up by driving for Uber from 4am to 11am, then switching gears to work on the catering company until 10pm every day. I built it off all my savings as well as credit card debt.

When the pandemic hit, like many other people, I lost everything. The catering company that took me years to build was gone practically over night. During these lost years of the pandemic, I struggled to figure out where to live or what to do...

I've been obsessed with scented candles ever since I was a kid. The idea for a reusable candle system had always been in the back of my mind because I care about reducing single-use waste. With the loss of my previous company, I gained the time to work on the concept for ATMOSVU. I wanted to solve the problems that had previously seemed unsolvable.

With my passion driving me, I wanted to shape a sustianable candle company that was focused on helping the environment! I was going to make a company that made a positive impact in the scented candle industry.

After multiple rounds of prototyping, countless materials testing and experimentation with design, I DID IT! I'd invented a safer candle holder that is easily reusable, prevents wax waste, and eliminates the need for single-use candle containers. Being able to bring ATMOSVU to life and share with the world a product that reduces waste makes me happier than ever!

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    Reusable Candle Holder | White (pre-order)
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    Reusable Candle Holder | Black
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