Who Invented the Modern Reusable Candle Holder?

Who Invented the Modern Reusable Candle Holder?

The modern and safest reusable candle holder was invented by Cosondra Sjostrom founder of ATMOSVU.


Cosondra has come up with a modern improvement and simple re-design for the common candle holder that allows scented candles to have no wax waste. Wax waste and single-use container waste is a big problem. Single-use container waste creates an enormous amount of waste every year and leftover wax makes the single-use containers even harder to recycle.  

The candle holder design is so simple that it almost makes you wonder how no one ever thought of it before. ATMOSVU has made is safer, more sustainable and eco-friendly with barrier technology to protect from surface burn. They have also built-in wick-tab holders to create more security for your wick-tabs. 

The history for the candlestick is an interesting one. The earliest candlestick which has been discovered is a clay candleholder which dates back to 400BC, and it believed that the candle itself was created as early as 3000BC by the Ancient Egyptians, who used beeswax to illuminate their way in the dark.

We have come a long way since the 'dark ages' and ATMOSVU has made scented candles safer, eco-friendly and 100% vegan.